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Applying to Kromberg & Schubert

The fastest way to reach our common goal. That is why we prefer online applications and will conduct the first interview as a video conference.

10 tips for applying to us

Convince us with the care you take

Prepare your application documents carefully and take the time to check your spelling and details before submitting them to us.

Check the size of your upload

Attach your application as a compact PDF file. The file you wish to upload should not be bigger than 10 MB.

Submit all your documents

Make sure that your documents are complete, including your CV and all relevant certificates. But it is not necessary to include a cover letter.

Use a neutral email address

The email you use in correspondence about your online application should not be frivolous. Ideally it should be composed as follows: firstname.surname@provider.de.

Impress us with your punctuality

Do not do things in a rush. Schedule enough prep time plus a reasonable cushion for your online appointment and make sure that your equipment is working.

Know the names

With whom have you already spoken? Who is your primary contact, and who will attend the interview as well? – Make sure you remember the most important names before the interview.

Prepare well for the job interview

Find out what you can about the company before the interview and make notes of the things that interest you and may sway your decision.

Speak, ask, listen

Even if your nerves are jangling a little: make sure that you speak calmly and clearly. Give the other person time to finish what they are saying and then ask questions that demonstrate your interest.

About strengths and weaknesses

Before the interview, give some thought to how you will respond to questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses.

Insider tip: Good manners

Take the time to greet everyone attending the interview and thank them for the invitation and meeting.

Application process Is it a match?

We pare down our application process to find out as quickly as possible whether we are a good fit. This includes prompt feedback, as well as a video call for the first interview.