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06/21/2023 – We spend a large portion of the day at our workplaces. So taking care of our health while we are there is important and sensible. Two health days were… read more »

05/08/2023 – Kroschu again organised its in-house blood donation day in 2023, because every drop counts. The event was also used to raise funds for an important… read more »

04/28/2023 – The Regensburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce honoured the 52 best graduates of vocational training and education from the Upper Palatinate and the… read more »

04/27/2023 – We organised another Girls’ Day and Boys’ Day in 2023 at our sites in Renningen, Wolfsburg and Abensberg. read more »

02/09/2023 – The BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award in the category of Exceptional Team Performance in 2022 testifies to our outstanding performance in the… read more »

09/20/2022 – It’s the same procedure every year at our location in Renningen. After all, we signed up again for the 2022 Company Run, like all the times before.… read more »

09/07/2022 – Twenty-four of our apprentices from all German locations gathered at our Rhede plant in early September 2022. read more »

09/01/2022 – The new academic year always begins on 1 September in Ukraine. So our apprentices lovingly packed and sent off a whopping 550 school bags for the… read more »

05/17/2022 – Our apprentices organised a barbecue at the Abensberg site to demonstrate their commitment to our colleagues in Ukraine. They showed unbridled… read more »