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Connecta Regensburg 2023

Are you in the middle of your studies and itching to put your theoretical knowledge into practice? Perhaps as part of an internship, as a working student or a young professional? If so, visit us at the Connecta in Regensburg on 25 October.

Connecta is the company contact fair here in Regensburg. It will be held on 25 October 2023 at the OTH Regensburg Campus on Seybothstraße 2.

As a family-owned company with a worldwide presence and a successful global player here in the region with headquarters in Abensberg, we have plenty to offer students: embark on an internship or apply for a position as a working student to learn more about our company and its many different departments. Aside from that, we are keen to help with your final thesis and would be delighted if you want to join us as a young professional after your studies.

Lots of technical expertise

It doesn’t matter if you want to apply for a position as a working student or test the water during an internship with us: we can offer you lots of fascinating tasks in many different departments and fields, including:

  • engineering
  • project management
  • software development
  • purchasing
  • human resources

Just drop by and tell us what you are studying, where your interests lie and how you would like to develop professionally. We look forward to learning more about you. Naturally, we will use the opportunity to explain more about Krombert & Schubert and our purple career team.

Register now with no commitment

Would you like to drop by our booth? – If so, just send us an email with your name and possible questions. Ms Obergrießer is the person to contact for your region. She will gladly update you as soon as we have received our exact booth number and further information about the trade fair.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Well-prepared for the fair

How should you best prepare before visiting a fair? – We have put together some important tips to help you make the right impression.

Tip 1: Consider which questions are particularly important to you. Ideally you should write them down before coming.

Tip 2: Try to learn more about the companies that will be attending the fair. Which booths do you want to visit? Which companies, training professions, departments or positions might be interesting for you?

Tip 3: If you feel particularly drawn to a certain company, don’t be shy, send them a brief email to introduce yourself before attending the fair.

Tip 4: Give some thought to the professions that might interest you and which ones would match your abilities. In which areas are you particularly good? Which things do you enjoy most? What are your strengths? What matters to you, aside from the work? – You might want to discuss these things with your friends and family. They know you and your strengths very well.

Tip 5: Take enough time to prepare for your day at the fair. After all, embarking on an apprenticeship or your professional career are crucial steps in your life and future.

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