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Interview with Martin

How has your career at Kroschu developed so far? What are your tasks at the company?

I joined Kroschu in October 2014. I worked as a technology manager in pre-series development until 2017 and then moved to the Audi customer centre as a project manager for concept development, team leader for development support and functional safety. After that I worked as head of product development until 2022. Since 2022, I have been head of the Audi technical customer care centre, where I am in charge of around 60 staff members. We deal with all projects and technical issues that relate to our customer Audi. Currently I am mainly involved in two major projects that are scheduled for series production over the course of next year.

What made you pick Kroschu as an employer?

I already knew a few of the people at Kroschu, because I had worked with them before joining the company. In the end, I believed that Kroschu would be the best place to move forward in my career.

What do you like in particular about your work at Kroschu?

The challenges are extremely varied, so boredom is virtually unheard of. Working together on very different levels is another of the things that really appeal to me.

What sets the company apart?

Kroschu is run by its owners and is therefore very down-to-earth.

What is especially important to you in regard to work/life balance? How does the company support you?

It is very important for me to reconcile the demands of work and family life. The company has a remote policy that allows us to work productively from a variety of places with just a few restrictions. So I really can manage both areas of my life. It reflects Kroschu’s clear commitment to family-friendly working conditions.

How would you describe the mood at Kroschu?

A bit like a family.

How good is the teamwork, and what measures does Kroschu take to foster cohesion within the company?

Kroschu currently organises an annual summer party, which is always planned and organised with plenty of love and is extremely popular. In addition, the food served in the canteen is very carefully selected to accommodate staff needs. That’s just one of the reasons why people enjoy coming together to chat over lunch. We cooperate transparently in my team: issues are addressed openly and then discussed by everyone involved. Our department gets together after work at least once a year to add variety to office routines.

What has been your most exciting project at Kroschu so far? And why?

It would be difficult to pick just one. My first project at Kroschu involved aluminium crimps with smaller cross-sections, so this one has stuck in my mind. I was amazed at the incredibly detailed mechanical engineering that went into the project. But it was still a ‘political’ project with a large number of stakeholders in different companies and the first time the components had featured in a Kroschu project.

Which changes in wiring systems have you observed since the start of your career at Kroschu, and how will they evolve going forward? Which challenges are likely to emerge in the future?

The cable sets have become even bigger and more complex. And the changes are coming at a faster pace. This means that the current cable sets are difficult to handle, even for a wiring systems specialist like Kroschu. What we are observing now is a trend towards using system architecture to produce simpler cable sets, which can then be produced automatically.

Can you describe how Kroschu helped with your career development?

Kroschu have given me a lot of support during my management training. The courses were really quite detailed and very thoughtfully structured. They taught me all I need to know in my future managerial tasks.

What career prospects do the employees in your department have?

A policy has been in place for several years in which Kroschu recruits sub-project management, team management and also the technical customer care management from within the company. Any resulting team vacancies are filled by new employees who receive specific training for their roles.

Would you recommend Kroschu? And if so, why?

Of course. You can really make a difference at Kroschu.

What advice would you give someone who would like to apply to Kroschu?

Just be authentic if you want to apply to Kroschu. Be genuine, instead of trying to seem like a hot shot.

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