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Interview with Sven

What made you pick Kroschu as an employer?

I got to know several companies, big ones as well, during internships and holiday jobs. But what really grabbed me at Kroschu was that they let you roll up your sleeves (mounting, experimenting, designing). And students have good changes of being offered a permanent position.

When did you join Kroschu?

In October 2020.

How has your career at Kroschu developed so far?

I started work while completing my bachelor’s thesis and was then offered a position as process developer – without switching teams.

What are your tasks at Kroschu? What are you working on right now?

I work as a process developer in pre-production. We are primarily involved in robot automation and complex image processing systems. Aside from series projects, I also look after early-stage development issues. I work at my desk and in the technical centre, where we use robots and machines to put what we design into practice. My remit involves design, process planning, creative brainstorming, robot programming, the production of tender specifications, documentation and visits to suppliers and factories.

What sets the company apart?

Its global network and flat hierarchies.

What do you like in particular about your work at Kroschu?

The fact that my work is practical, that I can take responsibility for many different tasks and the collaboration with my colleagues from every department.

Which benefits do you appreciate especially?

The non-cash benefits card as a regional card. Speaking for myself, I am thrilled that Kroschu makes it easy for me to take time off as a volunteer fireman.

What is especially important to you in regard to work/life balance? How does the company support you?

Working from home is a major topic, and we have really progressed in leaps and bounds. I really appreciate the flexibility we have, also in the form of hybrid work arrangements. In addition, there is barely any red tape when booking business travel, which makes it easier to accommodate personal needs.

How would you describe the mood at Kroschu?

All of my colleagues and primary contacts are highly motivated and work towards common goals. We really get along as people and share interests even after work.

How good is the teamwork, and what measures does Kroschu take to foster cohesion within the company?

I work in a young and committed team. We all enjoy our work and have plenty to talk about away from work. But we remain efficient and spur each other on to develop fresh ideas. The summer and Christmas parties are welcome opportunities to get together with the whole workforce, talk shop and even discuss things that have nothing to do with the company. You get to know people from all areas when travelling on business.

What has been your most exciting project at Kroschu so far? And why?

I was involved from day one in the development and construction of a robot system and accompanied every step along the way: from planning to installation at the mechanical engineering company. I had to coordinate things internally and externally, learned plenty of new things from all the various departments and was able to contribute my own ideas or components to the series system.

Which changes in wiring systems have you observed since the start of your career at Kroschu, and how will they evolve going forward? Which challenges are likely to emerge in the future?

There will be plenty, but still not enough. Automation developers like us work closely with manufacturers and customers. Changes to some of the topics and components became necessary with the deployment of machines – and we are currently experiencing a phase in which automation is extremely difficult. It is challenging and will take bright ideas and good technology to find solutions.

Have you every considered switching to one of the international locations at Kroschu to acquire new professional experience?

My current position means that I often travel to production plants around the world. I look forward to every business trip, enjoy meeting new colleagues and becoming acquainted with the peculiarities of every country. In addition, I deeply respect the work of my colleagues in production. As things stand, I find it difficult to envisage working abroad for a longer period. But I still wouldn’t rule it out.

How do you see the opportunities for career development at Kroschu?

I enjoy all my daily routines at present. My wish is to continue building experience, specialisation and expertise. I haven’t decided yet whether I would like a career as a specialist or even a manager in the medium term. But I do appreciate how Kroschu supports continuing education, especially master’s degrees. I could certainly envisage something like that.

Would you recommend Kroschu? And if so, why?

Without a doubt. But you do need to accept the demands of the sector and be willing to make a contribution. That said, you will be given exciting tasks and acquire specialist knowledge if you show the necessary commitment and willingness to learn.

What advice would you give someone who would like to apply to Kroschu?

The cable set sector is undoubtedly a niche market and requires thorough onboarding. But you are rewarded with expertise and extremely broad insight. Even if Kroschu is not one of the well-known, major brands, it is still a big company with lots of know-how, job security and a good package. My advice: just write an application and go for an interview.

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