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Interview with Tobias

What do you do at Kroschu and what are you working on now?

I am employed as a sub-project manager for industrial engineering and am currently involved in the completion of several special machines for ABS cable sets and light cable sets. All these things are in addition to my normal project work. This mainly involves communication between the machine manufacturer, Kroschu and the individual departments. Then there are tasks like calculating the machine amortisation periods or applying for and managing the budget.

Can you describe your career path at Kroschu? You joined the company as a student.

I started at Kroschu as a working student with a one-year contract in early 2019. It was extended until my pratical semester, which I also completed here. Then I returned to being a working student. I applied for a position after completing my bachelor’s thesis and have been a permanent sub-project manager since March 2022.

How has Kroschu supported this development?

Kroschu gave me the opportunity to continue working whatever my situation (as a normal student, in the practical semester, as an undergraduate student). I was also able to structure my working hours around the lecture periods. This gave me the chance to acquire professional experience, despite having to invest a lot of time in my studies.

What do you like in particular about your work at Kroschu?

The incredible variety and the fact that they give you responsibility early on. Unlike other companies, you actually see and can pick up the product you make.

What sets the company apart?

The positive collegial atmosphere and international environment. You are dealing with people from all over the world every day. For example, I am in close contact with our factories in Tunisia and Dubai where my projects are running, because you could not do this work without using the local staff as your eyes and ears.

You chair the youth and trainee council (YTC). How did that come about? What motivated you to become involved with the YTC? What do you enjoy about it?

My early days with Kroschu were as a working student, and I enjoy helping people, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to become involved in the YTC. It gives you the opportunity to actively shape how the company operates and grows. In addition, you can advocate for the equal treatment of all trainees and working students as normal permanent employees and ensure they are not forgotten.

One of the things I really enjoy about the YTC is that I get to work with the apprentices, the HR department and the works council. We sit down with the other stakeholders to find solutions and to improve the general conditions for our trainees and to help them with their projects. These are things I definitely enjoy.

What is especially important to you in regard to work/life balance? How does the company support you?

It is really important that I can also exercise during the week and use my leisure time productively. With the flexitime policy, it is no problem to start work at 6:00 am and then clock off at 2:30 or 3:00 pm.

What has been your most exciting project at Kroschu so far?

As a working student, it was without doubt programming and developing Alvis 2.0: a fully automatic robot cell equipped with cameras to check cable sets for missing clips and plugs. It was so much fun observing the progress. I also enjoyed collaborating with the other working students (bachelor’s and master’s).

As sub-project manager, it was industrialising a special machine with Komax Belgium. There were a few ups and downs, which we addressed constructively in meetings with division management and the executive board.

What does your team look like at Kroschu?

The mood in my department is extremely pleasant and helpful. People are there to assist immediately if you have questions or get stuck at a certain point. We can really rely on each other. My project team is very international; everyone here welcomes you with open arms.

Have you every considered switching to one of the international locations at Kroschu to acquire new professional experience?

I have. Because I really like travelling and getting to know other cultures. I have already visited a couple of other factories as part of my work. All the people working there are super nice and took time to show me the country in their free time. I could image working at a different factory for a while. But it would always depend on the location.

How do you see the opportunities for career development at Kroschu?

I can well imagine taking on more responsibility in the longer term, for example as a project manager or as part of a management career.

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