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Interview with Burak & Kevin

When did you join Kroschu?

Burak: In May 2022, so around a year ago.

Kevin: On 1 September 2022.

What exactly is your work at Kroschu?

Burak: I am completing a bachelor’s degree in business informatics at the University of Regensburg. At Kroschu, I work as an application developer for commercial processes.

Kevin: I am completing an apprenticeship as an IT specialist for application development and use a programming language to create applications that are intended to make everyday work routines easier.

What are you working on right now?

Burak: I am currently involved in merging data from different systems for controlling and finance and creating reports to evaluate business data. In a nutshell, it is about ETL processes, so extracting, transforming and loading data from various databases so that we can generate important reports for a number of departments. This means I am working in a team of many other software developers here in Abensberg and at other locations around the world. I often collaborate with departments that provide us with technical support.

Kevin: I am currently working on a program that makes it easier for other departments to access certain information in the database. The application was developed by a colleague, and my job is to assist in the creation of a small part.

What makes your work special for you?

Burak: For me it is the collaboration between different departments. It really brings variety, diversity and fresh challenges into my work.

Kevin: It is being part of a larger whole that is used by colleagues all over the world. I also appreciate the training and the vision I have of how my work will develop going forward.

Burak, how do you reconcile the demands of studying and working life, and how does Kroschu support you?

Burak: The flexible work time arrangements and the option of working from home make it easier to juggle my professional life and degree programme. Besides that, Kroschu is understanding if I need a little extra time for my studies. Students are also given the opportunity to complete their bachelor’s or master’s thesis while working at Kroschu.

Which aspects of your time as a student at Kroschu will be beneficial for your future professional life?

Burak: The fact that I was given initial insight into working life and have been able to acquire practical experience of how a company operates and how it is structured from an IT perspective. It has also been helpful to use and apply a variety of tools in a practical setting, which is virtually impossible during a degree programme.

What comes next for you?

Burak: Kroschu has already offered me a permanent position, so I will stay with the company once I have graduated.

Kevin, you are a member of the youth and trainee council (YTC). What motivated you to become involved with the YTC? What do you enjoy about the work?

Kevin: Being involved in the YTC lets me lobby for the interests of others, help them and provide support if they encounter problems. YTC members have a say in decisions at the company that affect trainees and can therefore actively influence what happens. You also gain a lot of valuable experience to build skills such as teamwork, communication and negotiation. What matters most, though, is that you enjoy the work and contribute to a body that represents the interests of young people.

What has been your most exciting project at Kroschu so far? And why?

Kevin: I had the opportunity to work on a project run by a colleague that is used around the world. The first step was to program an application, with support of course. Then we optimised it and programmed another version.

What kind of support do you receive as trainees?

Kevin: I can approach anyone in the office if I have any questions. But there has been a colleague assigned to assist me since the start of my training. Besides that, the team management and IT training management are always on hand.

How was your first week working at Kroschu?

Kevin: The first day started with a welcome, followed by a company presentation. Then we were joined by the older trainees, who took us on a tour of the company complex and other areas. Later on we were assigned to offices, where we were shown what our working days would look like in future. That’s where I learned the basics of the C++ programming language as well.

Do you have a lot of contact with the other trainees?

Kevin: I meet the other trainees during the breaks to chat about things and share news at mealtimes. Meetings are scheduled to plan events and discuss other issues as well.

Tell us about some of the other special events you’ve experienced at Kroschu. How were they for you?

Kevin: We had a general meeting; it was astonishing to see so many employees gathered together and to notice how openly they explained the current state of the company. Then there was the summer party and the Christmas market. They were really fun, actually, especially because many of my colleagues from other locations were there.

What do you like in particular about your work at Kroschu?

Burak: My work is really varied, especially because I can put my own ideas into practice and am involved in all kinds of different projects.

Kevin: There are rules about layouts and features in the programs. Apart from them, though, it is up to us to decide on the design and procedure in creating the program. The atmosphere at work is also pleasant. There are arrangements in place for people to work from home, so the offices are not too full and fairly quiet, so you can really focus on your work.

Which benefits do you appreciate especially?

Burak: There is a good mix of working from home and at the office. We also have flexitime arrangements.

Kevin: What I like most are the flexible working hours, the atmosphere at work and the helpfulness of my colleagues, along with the ergonomic equipment or the non-cash benefits card that really show how the company appreciates its employees.

What is especially important to you in regard to work/life balance? How are you supported here?

Burak: The opportunity to work remotely or at the office is the best way to integrate work in our daily routines so that we have time to pursue hobbies or take care of our personal business.

Kevin: I agree entirely. The flexitime policy means you can adjust the demands of professional life to your personal interests. And we receive a good financial package, even as trainees.

How would you describe the mood at Kroschu?

Burak: Familial and friendly. All of my colleagues are helpful and unfailingly supportive.

Kevin: The atmosphere at work is peaceful and positive. People communicate openly and are loyal.

How good is the teamwork, and what measures does Kroschu take to foster cohesion within the company?

Burak: People are team-oriented and open to fresh ideas. There are also regular events where we can get to know our colleagues in a different setting.

Kevin: Information like the quarterly reports help us to pull in the same direction, too. They illustrate what collaboration and support look like at the plants in other countries and describe all the aid projects and events.

How did you first become aware of Kroschu?

Burak: It was during a careers fair at university. I then found the advertised job vacancies on the Kroschu careers page.

Kevin: I was talking with friends about the working world while doing my university entrance qualifications. One of them said that Kroschu is looking for apprentices and that I should join him at the company. He didn’t believe me when I agreed; but I was there just a year later.

What made you pick Kroschu as an employer?

Burak: Because Kroschu is a major supplier for on-board power systems in the automotive industry, which will continue to be important vehicle components going forward. There were other factors as well, including a good work/life balance, events to improve the atmosphere at work and the collegial style at the company.

Kevin: Aside from my colleague’s recommendation, what tipped the balance for me was the fact that the company is located close to my home and that it offers an interesting course.

What sets the company apart?

Burak: Kroschu is represented on most continents and is an important supplier to the automotive industry. Although the things that Kroschu makes are not visible at first glance, they still make a big difference in terms of vehicle safety and reliability.

Kevin: I was particularly drawn to the international environment, the flexible work times and the appreciation the company shows to its staff.

Would you recommend Kroschu? And if so, why?

Burak: Yes. Because Kroschu really cares about keeping the workforce satisfied, and the people here get along with each other. That’s why the atmosphere at work is so upbeat and positive. Kroschu also provides plenty of opportunities for career development and a wide variety of areas in which you can work.

Kevin, what would you most like to do once your training is over?

Kevin: I want to embark on a dual curriculum degree programme, expand my knowledge, remain at the company or even become a teacher.

Why would you advise people to complete an apprenticeship at Kroschu?

Kevin: Because there are plenty of different courses you can do and because the atmosphere at work is pleasant. There are also lots of challenges, flexitime arrangements and much more.

How do you see the opportunities for career development at Kroschu?

Burak: There are lots of opportunities to enrol in further training or to focus internally on other tasks.

What advice would you give other students who would like to apply to Kroschu?

Burak: Kroschu welcomes students from a wide variety of degree programmes. I would therefore advise everyone to apply – regardless of how far they have progressed in their studies or whether they have already graduated.

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