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Interview mit Unabatso

How did you first hear of Kroschu?

A friend who works for Kroschu told me about the company.

What made you pick Kroschu as an employer?

For me it was an exciting and challenging opportunity that was very different from my working environment until then.

What sets the company apart?

Its focus on what matters to customers.

What do you like in particular about Kroschu?

That every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

What is especially important to you in regard to work/life balance? How has Kroschu supported your development?

Spending time with my family is really important to me. Kroschu makes this possible with flexible hours and the option of remote work. I appreciate this very much.

How does the company foster family-friendly conditions?

The fact that the company portal even has learning modules on the importance of work/life balance is a clear indication of how important this topic is.

How would you describe the mood at Kroschu?

It is really a friendly but demanding environment with helpful colleagues.

How good is the teamwork, and what measures does Kroschu take to foster cohesion within the company?

There are regular team events to promote bonding.

Would you recommend Kroschu? And if so, why?

Yes. The whole working environment at the company and the way that Kroschu presents itself and acts in its business relations are all very professional. These are things I deeply appreciate with my background and international experience and they might tip the balance for others as well.

When did you join Kroschu?

I joined Kroschu in 2011, so more than eleven years ago.

How did Kroschu support you during the initial period? How were you received by your colleagues, and how long did it take you to find your feet?

Kroschu paid for my move and offered free accommodation for the first three months. The start was easier than for others because I had already been involved with Kroschu in my previous work and frequently visited the Abensberg site.

What is your current position? What are you working on right now?

I am responsible for test engineering projects and am also in charge of testing technology projects. My current project at the site in Macedonia is for our customer Audi.

What does your team look like at Kroschu?

The specialists on the team are assigned to different projects. Each member is responsible for their own project from start to finish. The way we collaborate in the team is vital to ensure that we consistently deliver the same standard and to make improvements. Our core team consists of members from at least nine countries.

What has been your most exciting project at Kroschu so far?

It was a project for our customer Daimler. I had already worked on the predecessor project, so it was an exciting opportunity to use the lessons learned to complete the project cost efficiently and on time.

How would you describe the equipment and facilities?

Our test equipment needs to ensure that the product (cable harness) satisfies the customer’s requirements. The product is tested and verified during certification and then rated as free of defects. – Our test equipment is reliable and can be reused in new projects. This reduces rejects as well.

What career prospects do the employees in your department have?

They can specialise in industrial processes and technical project management.

What advice would you give to somebody who would like to embark on this kind of career, also in an international context?

The faster you integrate into the local culture, the better. Be resilient and remain true to your path. Use every opportunity to learn something new. Always.

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