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Interview with Nicole

How did you first hear of Kroschu?

My mother told me about the company. She has worked at Kroschu for many years and slipped me the job advertisement that matched my profile. You could say that I have been familiar with Kroschu as an employer ‘since childhood’.

What made you pick Kroschu as an employer?

I found the job advertisement really interesting. It was clear immediately that it would be a great match with my course at university and that I would learn lots of new things, in addition to using my current knowledge. The job interview left a positive impression as well. And I already knew the company, of course. Kroschu is also one of the largest employers in the region. The fact that it only takes me five minutes to get to work was naturally yet another positive aspect. Everything just seemed to fit, and it felt right.

What precisely do you do at Kroschu?

I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and then specialised in the psychology of work, business and society in my master’s. At Kroschu, I am part of the department for global HR training. I supported my colleagues in the introduction of a new learning management system at the German locations, for instance in system administration and in preparing a communication plan. We are currently working towards global roll-out. Aside from that, I design and produce courses and e-learning programmes on a variety of topics. Another key part of my work is to define, pilot and optimise knowledge transfer and assurance processes. Here, global HR training supports other departments in knowledge transfer and documenting the lessons learned.

When did you join Kroschu?

I joined Kroschu on 1 March 2021.

How has Kroschu supported your personal and professional development?

First and foremost, working at Kroschu has shown me what my strengths and weaknesses are (and how and where I can use them properly). Of course, you also reach your own limits every now and then. But that just gives you the opportunity to grow. I also learned quite a lot about teamwork and efficiency, which helped me with my studies as well. The practical relevance is valuable for me, too. It means I can apply the things I learn in my degree programme and also use the things I learn on the job for my studies. Work is more fun if you can apply what you have learned and don’t get bogged down in theory.

What does your team look like at Kroschu?

My team is based at the site in Abensberg. We also collaborate with colleagues in Slovakia and Romania. All of us have very different professional backgrounds: some are engineers, others teachers, photographers and film-makers. Then there is me as a budding psychologist. So we each have our individual specialities that make us stronger as a team. Collaborating in this global and interdisciplinary team is something I really enjoy.

Which are the insights into the practical work that you find particularly fascinating?

I really feel that my mix of tasks is very interesting and varied. On the one hand, I thoroughly enjoy preparing concepts for e-learning programmes and courses that I then produce. Ultimately we create a ‘product’ and see the direct fruits of our labour. There is also a real variety of topics to address. On the other hand, working together on concepts for knowledge assurance and corporate communications is highly enjoyable for me as well. All team members contribute their own ideas. This is enriching not just for the project or our work, but also for me as a person. I really do learn a lot. Another thing I deeply appreciate is the degree of creativeness I am able to contribute and in particular the opportunity to combine contents from my studies and work, from theory and practice, in a mutually beneficial way.

How do you reconcile the demands of studying and working life, and how does Kroschu support you?

My studies can get very stressful, especially during examination periods. But I have never struggled to reconcile the needs of my degree and working for Kroschu. I can always count on my team and reduce my workload if my studies become particularly stressful. And I was always able to work longer hours when I had more time in the semester breaks. I deeply appreciate this flexibility. Working while still at university really enriches me, I think. You get all kinds of insights you could never acquire just by studying. And you will inevitably improve your time management and learn how to set priorities.

Which aspects of your time as a student at Kroschu will be beneficial for your future professional life?

My team is what I appreciate most at Kroschu. I have certainly learned what good teamwork, respect at work and positive management look like. This will accompany and inspire me throughout my professional life.

What comes next for you?

My degree programme is coming to an end now. Just a few more exams, and then I will embark on my master’s thesis. If the university allows me to, I would be delighted to write my thesis with Kroschu. There are plenty of fascinating topics in my department that would fit the bill. And I can be certain that my colleagues would support me.

What advice would you give other students who would like to apply to Kroschu?

Just apply! This job has really taught me a lot, both personally and professionally. You learn many things about your strengths and weaknesses, have the opportunity to grow, receive valuable practical insights and ideally have plenty of fun at work as well.

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